Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you teach children?

At the moment I offer lessons I offer piano lessons to students from the age 16 onwards, as well as many adult students. Learning to play the piano is great for younger students to help build their self-confidence, general musical understanding and gain pride in their achievements.

Do you teach absolute beginners?

Absolutely, I am more than happy to teach you to play the piano even if you have never sat at a piano before. Many of the students that I teach are beginners, so I have plenty of experience helping students who are just starting out.

Where will the lessons be held?

I teach my lessons from my teaching space located on Blythswood Street, Liverpool L17 7DG. It is a great location to learn to play the piano because it is a calm and relaxed teaching environment in which you will feel at home. To bring up my rough location on Google maps simply click on the image below. My full address will be provided upon your first lesson booking.

Piano Lessons Liverpool Map

How much practise do I need to do every week?

It depends on a lot of things - how serious you are about it, what standard you are and if there is an exam coming up etc., but 15 or 20 mins per day is a good target for a beginner.

Do I need a piano/keyboard before I start taking lessons with you?

Yes, if you are interested in taking lessons with me as a mobile teacher it is important that you have a piano/keyboard at home for us to be able to use during our lessons. If you haven't got one I would be happy to help advise on what might be a good beginner piano/keyboard to buy.

You can also read more about local piano shops in Liverpool should you be interested in buying a first piano/keyboard.

Do you teach left-handed students?

Yes. I do, I'm happy to teach left-handed people, it really doesn't change anything for piano!

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